Typical application: Thermal insulation material for cables and pipelines for high temperature applications. The products are based on textured special glass and can be identified by their light green colour. Extremely textile properties even at high temperatures are their particular characteristic. isoTHERM® 800 is absolutely harmless to health, withstands high temperatures and has excellent chemical resistance properties. Available dimension: Inner diameter: 6 - 10 mm, 12 - 18 mm, 20 - 25 mm, 28 - 36 mm, 38 - 50 mm, wall thickness: 2 - 6 mm depending on the dimension.

Product features

Material: isoTHERM® 800 Roving
Diameter: Braided, flexible, wall thickness 2 - 6 mm depending on the dimension.
Application limit: +700 °C
Brief peaks up to: +800 °C
Fineness of fibre: 6 - 10 µm
Colour: Green

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