Hot finished or cold finished welded tubes with bead trimmed

Tubular Products


The round tubes are manufactured from a coil that is bent and electric resistance welded (ERW). The forming process can be according to EN 10210, which foresees hot forming or cold forming followed by heat treatment, or according to EN 10219, which foresees cold forming without following heat treatments. The finished product is fully killed and welding seam bead is inside and outside trimmed. These products are used to manufacture both welded and bolted structures, in the field of constructions, engineering, industrial constructions, transports, automotive, agricultural machinery and earth moving machinery. The cold finished tubes are particularly suitable for structures at sight or for aesthetical uses, thanks to the surface aspect typical of cold forming. NORMS HOT FINISHED” TUBES EN 10210-1/2 COLD FINISHED” TUBES EN 10219-1/2 INSIDE TRIMMING EN 10217

  • steel

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