Hot water tanks - Buffer Tanks

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Refra manufactures hot water tanks, tailored to various heating systems. With an operating pressure of 6 to 10 bar and the capacity of 300-3000 liters, these water storage and preparation tanks can help maintain the required amount of liquid for service continually and ensure a constant supply of hot water for comfortable consumption. Refra hot water tanks are available with an anti-legionella kit, which consists of a recirculation pump, heating element and timer. This kit prevents the spread of bacteria and is therefore particularly important for domestic water systems. A special 6 or 9 kW electric element can be added for additional water heating that will heat the water in the tank to the required temperature. The tank is made of carbon S235JR or 304/316L stainless steel, externally insulated with an additional (50-100mm) layer of polyurethane and lined with a high-quality red dermatine fabric. Both vertical and horizontal tank