HotMIcroCoil Surface Heating Element


HotMicroCoils have an exceptional capacity for being shaped - even in three dimensions. Many special winding patterns and geometries apart from the purely cylindrical are thus possible, allowing heating close to the contours of all manner of surfaces. Applications include hot runner manifolds, heating plates and hot die stamps. The shaped heating elements thus obtained can be used in two principal ways: either placed over the surface to be heated (firmly bonded by soldering, force-fitted, pressed or otherwise appropriately joined) or pressed into a positive fit in grooves in the surface to be heated. The second of these alternatives is also becoming more widely accepted in plastics processing, as it offers the best heat transfer because the heating area is the greatest (see also Freek Heat Transfer System). Since not all our customers have the necessary equipment and experience to press the HotMicroCoil elements into the contours of the surfaces, Freek also offers this as a service.

  • heating plates
  • manifold heater
  • stamp heater

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