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Protection gloves


Five-finger gloves, with anatomic shape, thickness about 1,1mm, are made of latex and rubber compound using dipping method. Gripping side is smooth, inside smooth with cotton lining. Length min 350mm The gloves are certified according to WE Certificate nr WE/S/271/2004 : Resistance to chemical substances penetration: - 36% HCl 6 level - 40% H2SO4 6 level - 40% NaOH 6 level - 25% NH4OH 5 level Permeation- hermetic Tear resistance -level 4 Cutting resistance- level 1 Rend resistance- level 4 Prick resistance- level 1 The gloves comply with the 3rd category of individual protection items. The gloves comply with harmonized PN-EN 374-1:2005 standards Gloves protect against chemicals and microbes according to PN-EN 388:2006 standards Protection against mechanical threats, confirmed by researches carried out by CIOP-PIB The gloves are certified by the Polish Health Quality Institute (PZH), which allow to use them in food contact industry and for household applications.

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