How to motivate and retain

your dedicated sales force and turn them into your brand advocates


Our Global Employer of Record solution is designed to help manufacturing and trading companies to not only employ the right sales force who will effectively sell their products in a cutthroat competitive global market, but to make them devoted and loyal to them by offering the employment security and stability they need. This solution helps you to improve the emotional commitment of your foreign sales people who we employ on your behalf by engaging them the right way according to the labor law of the country, and paying them benefits the independent agent is not usually entitled to. Unlike independent sales reps who may not be fully engaged in selling your products due to their involvement on several products at the same time, your global employees hired via our solution will be focused on your company’s product(s) exclusively. Consequently, you will be able to organize product trainings and control the performance of your sales team thus achieving higher employee engagement.

Business Consultancy
  • Global expansion
  • Global Employment Outsourcing
  • Global Sales Force Retention & Engagement
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