Howimat gear-type units

Howimat gear-type units for rotary axes


The gear drive: - enables precise positioning of the spindle - can accept high torque forces - has easy backlash adjustment Patented recirculating ball gear system Technical features: - Highest precision due to patented recirculating ball gear system - No additional clamping of the dividing head spindle required - High positioning speed - Optimal torsion stiffness - Very compact design - 5 sizes available - Big spindle bore - Wide range of additional equipment available - Suitable for diversified applications Our axes consist of - Heavy duty, high precision axial-radial roller bearings - Patented recirculating ball gear system - Auxiliary transmission (bevel gear drive or belt-drive system) - Completely sealed and precision-ground housing

Mechanical transmission systems and components
  • CNC dividing heads
  • Fastening technology
  • gear unit

Product features

Dead weight (approx. without motor) 5-90 kg (depending on size)
Gearbox circle 74-310 mm (depending on size)
Motor torque 10-20 Nm (depending on size)
Cycle time (approx.) 0,35 s-1,00 s (depending on size)
Gear reduction (Version K) 60:1 to 120:1 (depending on size)
Speed (Version K) 16.6 rpm to 50 rpm (depending on size)

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