Howimat-Torque (TMI)

Direct-drive technology with high dynamic torque-motors


Torque-series, with Torquemotor (sleeve-shaft motor) Employing our TMI series rotary axes with torque-motor offers you new manufacturing possibilities, due to the high speed and dynamic movement. The power transmission with this technology is free of wear and gives you constant quality of your produced parts for several years. Technical characteristics - Direct-drive technology with high dynamic torque-motors - Highest dynamic (up to 0,1 sec. for 90°) - Very high speeds and therefore new manufacturing possibilities - High precision due to direct measuring systems - Backlash free - Extremely compact dimensions - 5 sizes available - Big centre bore - Extensive range of accessories available - Suitable for a great variety of applications Our axes consist of: - Heavy-duty / high-precision axial-radial bearings - Integrated spindle-brake (emergency stop option available) - High dynamic and wear-free torque-motor - Direct measuring system

Engines & Parts
  • Torque-motor
  • Motor
  • Drive technology

Product features

Nominal torque 4Nm - 744 Nm (Depending on size)
Peak torque 12Nm - 1320 Nm (Depending on size)
Nominal / peak current (Aeff) 1,3/4,8 Aeff - 18/36 Aeff (Depending on size)
Max. rpm 78 min-1 - 4000 min-1 (Depending on size, higher speeds on request)
Clamping force ca 30 Nm - 3500 Nm (Depending on size)
Tilting moment 60 Nm - 3500 Nm (Depending on size)

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