This innovative humidity- and temperature probe communicates via digital I²C interface. Due to its vast measuring range and rugged design it is suitable for numerous types of application within the field of temperature or humidity monitoring.

Product features

Name Humidity/temperature probe
Humidity measuring range 0...100% RH
Sensor Capacitive humidity sensor
Humidity accuracy ±1.8% RH at +23 °C
Output scaling humidity 0...100% RH on 0...16383 (dec) or 0x0000...0x3FFF (hex)
Temperature measuring range -40...+125 °C
Temperature measuring principle PTAT (integrated)
Accuracy ±0.2 °C (at 0...60 °C)
Output scaling temperature -40...+125 °C on 0...16383 (dec) or 0x0000...0x3FFF (hex)
Response time temperature T63 <10 s
Interface 0x28 or alternative address
Tube length 32 mm
Tube diameter 13 mm
Tube material PA6, black
Connection 5-pole cable box, connection plug RJ12
Protective filter stainless steel mesh
Cable construction Copper cable TPE/shielded/TPE, 5x0.14 mm²
Cable length 2000 mm
Operating voltage 2.7...5.5 V
Current consumption typ. <22 µA bt 1 Hz measuring rate, 850 µA maximal
Scope of delivery Humidity-/temperature module DHYT BB939.01 and 2 m connection cable
Weight 0.15 kg

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