This humidity module delivers an output voltage of 0... 10V which is proportional to the relative humidity of 0... 100%RH. The evaluation of the signal is carried out with an ASIC which results in excellent measurement accuracy and stability.

Product features

Name Humidity module
Sensor Capacitive humidity sensor
Humidity measuring range 0...100% RH
Application humidity 0...90% RH, non-condensating
Humidity accuracy ±3% RH between 20...90% RH and at 23 °C
Output scaling humidity 0...100% RH on 0...10 V
Application temperature 0...50 °C
Operating voltage 12...24 VDC
Operating current <10 mA
Dimensions LxØ 143 x 17 mm
Connection Pin strip 5-pole, RM 2.54 mm
Weight 0.22 kg

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