The Hybrid system can produce heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water (DHW). The hybrid heat pump system comprises of an indoor air-conditioning unit, an outdoor unit, and a TermoPlus indoor hydrobox or hydrotank. The system recycles the waste heat from the air conditioner to heat domestic water. Installing a hybrid air source heat pump is one of the best ways to use air-conditioning efficiently and to reap savings for home and building owners. For every 1kWh of energy consumed the hybrid heat pump can produce almost 8kWh of thermal energy. Our heat pumps typically pay for themselves within 3.5 years or even less if you receive government subsidies or a grant for the system. Our hybrid air source range is strictly limited to indoor units compatible with Mitsubishi air-conditioning units and provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Heat pumps, domestic
  • heat pump heating
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  • Heat pumps, domestic
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