We can produce the parts you require using specific tools or on special-purpose machines. We produce complex forms and assembly parts with strip thicknesses of 0.10 to 3.00 and with strip widths of up to 100 mm – depending on the material used. The manufacturing processes that we offer include: Punching, forming, embedding, welding, bolting, riveting and mounting. We perform the assembly of small batches by hand, while larger volumes are performed automated if you so wish. Our hybrid sub-assembly production includes the over-moulding of punched parts made of wire or metal with a variety of plastics or silicones. In order to ensure that the desired braking element features optimum properties, we make use of both the temperature durability and the haptic advantages of silicone and the weight advantage of plastic when combining these materials in this fashion. Guide tube assemblies, a combination of springs and tubes, are part of the hybrid component portfolio.

  • Hybrid sub-assemblies
  • Guide tube assemblies
  • Over-moulded punched parts


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