Adjustable Compression Force max. 3,500 N Stroke 15 mm Precise adjustment for any type of application: The VC model of hydraulic feed controls is ideally suited for the precise tuning of constant feed rates. The thread of the outer body of this closed hydraulic element allows simple assembly. Designs with a smooth body can also be supplied. As the hydraulic oil is forced out through the throttle opening, a constant feed rate is achieved on the stroke, which also avoids the stick-slip effect. In the models up to 55 mm stroke, the tried and tested rolling diaphragm, known from ACE shock absorbers, serves as a dynamic seal, as volume compensation of the piston rod and as a reset element.

Product features

Compression force min. 30 N
Compression force max. 3,500 N
Return Force min. 15 N
Return Force max. 30 N
Return Time 0.2 s
Side Load Angle max. 3 °
Compression force 30 N to 3,500 N N
Piston rod diameter Ø 8 mm
Feed rate/Compression force Min. 0.013 m/min. at 400 N; Max. 38 m/min. at 3,500 N
Impact velocity range At speeds of 0.3 m/s the maximum allowed energy is approx. 1 Nm for units up to 55 mm stroke and app
Adjustment Infinitely adjustable
Positive stop External positive stops 1 mm to 1.5 mm before the end of stroke provided by the customer.
Damping medium Oil, temperature stable
Material Black anodized aluminium; Piston rod: Hard chrome plated steel; Accessories: Steel with black oxide
Mounting In any position
Operating temperature range 0 °C to 60 °C
Application field Handling modules, Linear slides, Automatic machinery, Conveyor equipment, Absorption control

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