Hydraulic Wrench System The alkitronic/Norwolf X DRIVER SYSTEM - the most revolutionary hydraulic torque wrench system ever created. The profiles are totally flat with no extrusions that create hangups. The design, with a smaller cylinder bore but longer levers, creates less stress on all parts. Easier to get into confined areas and around nuts in hard to access spaces. With the durability of solid steel design, fewer parts, and clean-lined construction. X-Driver - Hydraulic power head with two hydraulic hose system - Slimmest design - one piece piston construction - Only one high pressure o-ring - easily changed with four bolts - Novel A/Fivel design - 360º or 360 x 360 with one piece add on - The power head locks into the separate drives without pins or screws - All alloy steel construction - only true convertible tool - Ready for optional handle A Drive - Hex link - Slimmest design - no loose shroud - totally enclosed - Reaction arm/pad ready with 2 pin holes

Tightening wrenches
  • automatic pneumatic action gun
  • pneumatic torque wrench
  • pneumatic wrench

Product features

type pneumatic
tool torque wrench
brand alkitronic

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