Hydraulic cylinders used on shipboard machinery or in shipyards must endure the toughest of conditions, including hot and cold temperature extremes, exposure to salt water, driving rain, ice, as well as dirt and many other forms of contamination. That is an extremely abusive environment for hydraulic actuators. Cylinders used under these conditions must be designed and manufactured with these well in mind if they are to survive and work reliably. In addition, many hydraulic cylinders used on ships and harbour cranes are very large-bore and very long-stroke. Their large size makes frequent repair or replacement simply out of the question. Other marine cylinders are mounted in a ship’s machinery that is very difficult to reach. All these factors makes reliability a primary concern for marine cylinders. Gidrolast has a great deal of experience in building marine-grade hydraulic cylinders that thrive under those trying conditions.

Shipyards - repairs and maintenance
  • hydraulic cylidners
  • pneumatic cylinders

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