From the sticky tar sands of Uzbekistan and the frozen windswept wastelands of Ural to arid, sun -leached Texas and the sizzling hot deserts of Saudi Arabia; from the warmth of the Caspian sea to the cold salt spray of the ocean, Gidrolast hydraulic cylinders are the actuators of choice in the gruelling oil field industry, both onshore and offshore. Oil rigs are located in some of the most demanding locations in the world. Blowing sand, sticky tar, extremes of hot and cold temperatures, corrosive elements and heavy-duty use. The cylinders used are often large-bore and long-stroke. Downtime is measured in millions of dollars. In addition to all that, the equipment is often located in remote areas far from civilization. Rugged, reliable cylinders are a must. Gidrolast designs and builds heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, both rod style and telescopic, to withstand the tough conditions and demanding requirements of the petroleum industry.

Hydraulics systems
  • hydraulic cylinders

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