DESCRIPTION FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP series is specially designed for application in hydraulic systems industrial equipment, which require the use of high grade additive-type lubricants. FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP oils are high quality hydro treated mineral base stocks, blended with multifunctional additive package, which improves anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, pour point depressive, de-emulsifying, anti-foam properties. This oil is intended for use in hydraulic systems of industrial equipment, operating under mechanical and thermal stresses and equipped with servo-hydraulic devices, proportional control systems and filter elements with filtration ratio of 3-5 micron. FEATURES FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP series have following advantages: Complies with requirements of the majority of equipment manufacturers, reduces the number of oil types demanded by the enterprise Reduces wear of system components due to improved package of extreme pressure additives Prevents corrosion

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  • hydraulic oils
  • lubricating oil
  • Lubricants, industrial

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