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Cylinder head test


The СГИ 1200 cylinder head test stand is designed to detect micro cracks and air-tightness of the engine cylinder heads. The stand is equipped with a turntable for rotating the cylinder head in an aqueous solution and detecting tightness defects in different planes. This is a professional stand with pneumatic lifting and lowering of the turntable and electric 360-degree platform rotation drive. The cylinder head is sealed and placed in a heated aqueous solution. Thermal expansion of a heated part allows you to detect microcracks between valve seats, damaged plugs and other places in the cylinder head. Air is supplied through the opening in the cylinder head at a pressure of 4-6 bars. The presence of air bubbles allows you to detect a defective spot in the head.

Product information

Washing space length
Min 800 mm, Max 1600 mm
Washing space width
Min 260 mm, Max 400 mm
Washing space height
Min 280 mm, Max 400 mm
Capacity (maximum)
350 kg/ sq.m.