The principle of the Lamella Turbine The Lamella Turbine belongs to the family of the Understhot Water Wheels. This means that the water, accelerated by an elevation difference, is retarded by the Lamella Turbine. By this, kinetic energy is utilized. Substituting the shovels of conventional water wheels, individually shaped lamellas or bundles of lamellas are stably situated circumferential, so that the force of the individual water flow brought by the river can be highly efficiently processed and transformed into rotation. The applied bundles of lamellas are optimized for the particular water flow conditions. By this it can be obtained that the water can be held at the circumference of the turbine, where the “brake force” develops the maximum torque, which is transmitted to the generator. The “little difference” between conventional technologies and the Lamella Turbine The Lamella Turbine does not have closed chambers like conventional water wheels. Thus, the water inflow is...

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