Hydrocyclone Liners

Alumina Ceramic Components


Morgan Advanced Materials offer a wide range of hydrocyclone liners manufactured from our Deranox 975 alumina material chosen for its mechanical strength in high wear applications. Hydrocyclones are used in upstream oil production to separate solids from water or liquid hydrocarbon streams. They prevent the build-up of sand in separators and pipelines, which protects sensitive items such as export pumps and heat exchangers. The liquid-solid mixture is forced through an apparatus at the top of the hydrocyclone and the rotational motion causes dense sand particles to separate from the less dense liquid. The solid particles “fall down” the tube and the liquid is “forced up” the tube into a separate cavity. The hydrocyclone system is lined with our ceramic components, which need to be robust to withstand severe abrasion caused by the rotational flow of the abrasive sand. Hydrocyclones are also used in water treatment as part of the in fracking process offering value in solid / liquid...

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