Hydrophilic TPE

Dryflex WS


With our Dryflex WS range we have turned the usual water-resistant properties of TPEs on their head to engineer materials that swell up to ten times their volume when immersed in water. Dryflex WS are a range of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), which contain hydrophilic particles. They swell at a controlled rate and percentage, with swell rates from 300 to 1000% when immersed in water. When there is no longer water present the compound shrinks back to its original size, a process that can be repeated an almost unlimited number of times. Dryflex WS materials are used in applications to form a positive seal and prevent the ingress or exit of water. We have also developed softer grades which offer excellent drapability. They are an ideal choice for water stop applications where the profiles may be coiled or need to be fitted around complex structures. Compounded in any colour, the water swellable TPE is 100% recyclable and can be processed using conventional plastic fabricating methods, i

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