Hydrostatic Level Probe LMP 305

hydrostatic level sensor / for liquids / thin


The slimline probe LMP 305 with silicon stainless steel sensor is designed for continous level measurement in confined space conditions. Permissible media are clean or waste water and thin fluids. A piezoresistiv stainless steel sensor with low thermal error, an excellent linearity and a long term stability, is basis of LMP 305. Features: — nominal pressure: 0 ... 1 mH2O up to 0 ... 250 mH2O — accuracy: 0,35 % (opt. 0,25 %) FSO — diameter 19 mm for cramped areas e.g. 1" observation well — small thermal effect — excellent linearity — excellent long term stability Optional Features: — different kinds of cable — customer specific versions e.g. special pressure ranges

Measurement and control instruments
  • level probe
  • level sensor
  • level measurement

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