It does not belong to dangerous chemical. Combustibility: incombustible Health hazard: There is no occupational intoxication reported so far. Packing Method: paper bag, woven bag or kraft drum. Transport Attentions: Should be well packed and well loaded. Should be separated from anti-oxidant and food chemicals; during transport,avoid leakage, collapse, drop and damage. It is prohibited tomix with oxidant and food chemical in loading and transport. Avoid sunlight, rain and high temperature during transport.The vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned after the transport. 1.It is used as raw material for medicine, pesticide and organic synthesis. 2.It is used as raw material for synthetic anticancer drug (hydroxyurea), sulfonamide drug(sulfamethoxazole) and pesticide(methomyl),used in the synthesis of drugs like danazol, ethinyloestradiol, norethindrone, methyltestosterone, and librium, as intermediate for amino formic acid oxime ester pesticides like aldicarb and thiodicarb.

Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives
  • Hydroxylamine hydrochloride、
  • cas 5470-11-
  • Fine chemicals

Product features

Appearance White crystal
EINECS 226-798-2

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