Hygge socks "WARM FEET - WARM HEART"

wool socks

20.00€ TTC


Natural materials of hygge socks (70% wool) give us the feeling of warmth and coziness. The socks are made on the old Estonian factory. Every detail is done to the perfection through the long-term expertise. Thanks to the natural wool, this sock guarantees excellent temperature and humidity regulation.The extra soft sensitive cuff, combined with the elastic zone in ankle area, ensures outstanding comfort. Hygge socks offer you the perfect comfort when you're at home too. They keep your feet cozy and warm. The soft extra inner layer on the sole makes them even more comfortable and helps you relax and feel at home wherever you are. Warm feet – warm heart… light, warming merino wool soft comfort cuffs for pressure-free hold on leg extra comfort thanks to inner layer elastic zone in ankle area for improved fit unique Scandinavian pattern made in Estonia zero waste packaging

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