Hygienic Plastic Pallets


What are the advantages and characteristics of hygienic pallets? Hygienic pallets are mainly used in industries where hygienic storage and transport conditions are indispensable. Originally developed for the meat industry and meat industry. Due to their standard dimensions of 120×80 cm and 120×100 cm, hygienic plastic pallets are ideally suited for stacking containers such as the meat box. But also other foodstuffs Euroboxes from Associated Pallets , such as the Euro container open or the Euro container closed. Produced exclusively from new material and can therefore be used for the handling of food. They are light, Yet robust and resistant, which is a particularly important aspect of a reusable pallet. Even with impacts, they do not split because of the high-quality plastic. This means that the circulation figures of the pallets can be increased while at the same time saving costs.

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