Roboderm® is the only technology in the world that delivers Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (M.M.A.S) with two Independent Motorized Rollers. This unique combination produces an action that perfectly suits the reticular structure of the skin. Roboderm® technology consists in arrays of micro holes on the surface of rollers that induce 1180 Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation per dm² of treated area. This unique and unequalled tissue grabbing features pull-in and pull-out actions on the surface of the skin, ensuring a perfect and gentle manipulation of the skin fold inside of the treatment chamber. This revolutionary treatment is so delicate and suitable to any type of skin that it is no longer necessary for the patient to put on bodywear. Roboderm® is particularly effective to treat loose skin and sensitive skin.Independent Motorized Rollers deliver mechanical stimulation using three directions of rotation to reactivate the cell function.

Medical treatment
  • Vacuum massage
  • Beauty care - equipment
  • Health and fitness
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