INDUSTRYFLEXline single redundant in fiber

INDUSTRYFLEXline Full HD KVM Extender over IP

1960.00€ HT


INDUSTRYFLEXline fiber single redundant is a highly optimized KVM Extender over IP for high temperature ranges. For distances up to 160km in fiber at a resolution of 1920x1200@60Hz For point to point connection or in matrix switching systems up to 1000 endpoints. INDUSTRYFLEXline crisis proofed and likes it hot! Suitable for high temperatures up to 55°C/131°F and indestructible Flash . Function of the factory partition (program memory) in the flash memory: In the event of a power failure during an update, the information in the flash can be destroyed. kvm-tec has taken precautions here and so there is a crisis proofed area in the flash that cannot be overwritten and is therefore indestructible. The extender then starts from the crisis proofed area with the correct information. REDUNDANT for high security in critical applications The perfect tuning of the kvm-tec video compression with low latency (<5ms) allows a delay-free transmission.

Electricity - transmission equipment
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  • FullHDKVMExtenderoverIP

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