See us for DANALAC INFANT FORMULA in 3 stages Stage One: Happy Beginning of Life; from birth to six months * Composition close to breast milk * Strengthen the bone structure * Formula adapted to the nutritional needs of the infant Stage Two: For Healthy Growth; from six to twelve months * Essential fatty acid * Contributes to brain and retinal development * Support overall mental and physical development Stage Three: Sustaining Healthy Growth; from one to three years * Twenty-four times more Iron than cow milk * Limited protein intake for natural growth * Source of energy Nutritional Benefits: Inositol: in nerve transmission helps transport fats in the body. It’s too necessary for the healthy developing of cell membranes. Taurine: helps to support overall mental and physical development. Linoleic acid (Omega 6) & α-linolenic acid (Omega 3): they are needed for the fetal growth, brain development, learning, and behavior.

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Product features

size: 400 gram tins
Packing: 400 grams * 24 per carton
Minimum order quantity: 910 cartons per 20 Feet container
Tinplate can: inside plain, outside white fond + 4 color
Closure: easy open lid
Cap: plastic over cap
Bottom: inside plain, outside clear lacquer
Spoon: 8.7 ml included
Carton: brown, wrap around, only ink-jet printed
Origin: Netherlands / Holland

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How to prepare Infant Formula Bottle for your baby - DANALAC

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