INGENERIC Fast-Axis Collimation


The most important optical component in the beam shaping systems in high-power diode lasers is the Fast-Axis Collimation optic. The lenses are manufactured from high-quality glass and have an acylindrical surface. Their high numerical aperture permits the entire diode output to be collimated with outstanding beam quality. The high transmission and excellent collimation characteristics guarantee the highest levels of beam shaping efficiency for diode lasers. By means of an FAI lens, the emitter can be directly imaged into a fiber or a target plane. The design of INGENERIC’s FAI lenses is optimized for this specific application and allows an efficient and aberration-free imaging of the emitter. In order to offer the best solution for your application INGENERIC provides a broad spectrum of Fast-Axis Collimation optics from the shelf. Years of development allow us to provide optimized acylindrical lenses for different applications.

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