NEMS Isolation joint for the oil industry


NEMS electrical insulation insert is a one-piece pipe product serves to protect the pipeline from electrochemical corrosion in areas affected by stray currents. Installed -at the boundaries of sections of electrochemical protection of pipelines -on the borders of property plots -at the boundaries of pipeline sections with different types and quality of protective coatings or a significant change in the specific electrical resistance of the soil -for electrical separation of aboveground sections of pipelines with a length of more than 1000 m from underground sections -a method for identifying pipeline sections that are affected by stray currents, as well as inductive AC guidance -at integrated gas and oil treatment plants, booster compressor stations or tank farms Advantages -Withstand heavy mechanical loads -The service life corresponds to the service life of the gas pipeline -Installed on all categories of gas pipelines -Operating temperature +150 C and above

Gas and oil pipelines - installations
  • Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal
  • Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal
  • Pipes and tubes, stainless steel

Product features

Diameter From 0.9 to 21 inches
Wall thickness of steel pipe From 0.12 to 0.99 inches
Working medium temperature up to 150◦ С
Operating Pressure 392 bar
Electrical resistance Not less 5 meg
Electrical strength No more than 50 ma
Сlimatic performance t◦ environment from -60 to +60
Internal coating based on alkyd primers; based on thermosetting compositions; lined with polyethylene pipe
Outer coating weather-resistant; coating with heat-shrinkable material;coating based on thermosetting composition

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