Politubes is specialized in the manufacturing of insulating tubes and end caps strictly customized for electromechanical and automotive world & performance release liners for tire producers. Our insulating tubes and caps are widely used in the manufacture of electric motors, cable harness, motor lead termination, compressors and transformers as well as in transistors, capacitors, heating element and batteries. They are also used to fix and protect permanent magnets for BLDC brushless motors. Our performance films with a high technological content guarantee particular mechanical resistance and release qualities and they are used as release liners for the tire production by the world leader producers. We holds main quality certifications as UL TEOU 2-8 nr E350605 and the most recent ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Politubes manufactures in-house in a modern 4.000 sqm plant in Italy few km far from Milano

Electrical insulation
  • End caps
  • Release liner
  • Spiral wound tube