The IP67 D-SUB SlimCon series are supplements to the IP67 D-SUB connector family. The CONEC SlimCon series has a very compact design of IP67 sealed D-SUB connectors with a one-piece zinc die-cast shell. The panel cut-out for the CONEC SlimCon series corresponds to the standard of other D-SUB connectors and thus no new cut-outs are required and refitting from standard IP20 systems to the new IP67 system of the CONEC SlimCon series is possible. The one-piece zinc die-cast shell makes the new CONEC SlimCon D-SUB connector a mechanically extremely robust interface with reliable IP67 protection – similar to the CONEC Solid Body series. However, due to its design, a reduction of the occupied space from 48% to 52 % compared to a standard IP67 protected connector can be achieved. Owing to its compact design and the one-piece zinc die-cast shell, the CONEC SlimCon series is ideal for industrial and harsh environments.

Connectors, electronic

Product features

Shell material Zinc die-cast nickel plated, one-piece
No. of poles (High Density) 15-, 26-, 44-pos.
Layouts (Combination) 5W1, 2W2C, 3W3, 7W2, 11W1, 3W3C, 5W5, 0W4, 13W3, 17W2, 21W1
Current rating (Combination) up to 7,5 A ( Signal) 40 A (Power)
Current rating (High Density) 3 A

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