IPS012 Baltoscope

Digital imaging & Software


The Image Processing System (IPS) software enable to process digital radiography to find and display the defects of a component. With the different filters and zoom capabilities, the most difficult and tiniest defect can be quickly located. IPS can be linked with the acquisition module to receive the images acquired. This can be done on the same computer or using a separate reviewing station. Integration is also accomplished with the automation module, showing the images in real time as well as querying the (optional) database. IPS has an extensible architecture, this means you can expand the features using add-on modules. Balteau provides a number of modules and custom ones can be developed on demand. Existing add-on: SRb (Basics Spacial Resolution), SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), DICONDE (Reader & writer), DB (Database), & more on demand.

  • Digital Radiography
  • digital imaging

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