ISONEM FLOOR is a solvent free epoxy based, two component, coating material that when cured provides a tough high gloss floor with high chemical and physical resistance. It can be applied in thick layers to protect the metal and concrete surfaces against the chemical and physical outside impacts. USING AREAS: A long lasting coat is used to provide durable floors for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. •Industrial plants, factories, refinery plants and particularly •Drug and food production fields •Acid production sites, •Chemicals factories, Warehousing •Laboratories, •Automotive and aerospace industries •Purification facilities, •Water tanks, •Metal and concrete floor and walls. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: •Easy to clean and maintain •Easy to apply •Wide range of attractive colours •Seamless and even surface provides a smooth running and therefore, low noise environment •Excellent maintenance and cleaning properties reduces cleaning costs •Ease of decontamination

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