Wall/Surface Board Paint


ISONEM MARKER WALL PAINT (Chalkboard Paint) allows you to use any wall/surface as a chalkboard with markers. When applied to anywhere, such as your walls, desks, doors, cabinets, meeting rooms, etc. it turns the surface into a writeable and erasable form. It is nature friendly, VOC and solvent free and easy to apply. Two alternatives are available, white and transparent. If you wish to turn your wall into a writeable form without changing its color, we recommend the transparent one, and if you wish to have the standard whiteboard appearance, we recommend the white one. When our product is applied once, there is no need for a projection screen, whiteboard or flipchart anymore. USAGE AREAS: •Classroom walls, desks and tables •Walls of meeting rooms, •Walls of seminar halls, •Walls of office study rooms, •Wall-paper covered surfaces, •Walls of training rooms, •Walls of houses, hotels and conference halls, FEATURES: •Two options as white and transparent, •Odorless and environmental

Paints and varnishes
  • writable erasible paint
  • dry erase paint
  • marker writable paint
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