Description: The Processing Unit/Compact is the central unit of the CMC III monitoring system. Up to 32/4 external sensors/CAN bus connection units may be connected to the integral sensors. The units may be connected to the data network via Ethernet, configured via Web/USB, can send alarms via an e-mail server and connect to the Network Management System of a company via SNMP. Benefits: High redundancy due to redundant power supply. Cost saving due to optimised space utilisation and connection technique High flexibility due to modular system. High reliability due to permanent monitoring of the physical enclosure parameters. Applications: Monitoring of enclosures, rooms and containers in the IT environment Monitoring of enclosures in the areas of IT, industry and facility management Function principle: Central monitoring unit for the CMC III system. Collates measurement data and alerts network management systems or control rooms when freely adjustable limit values are exceeded. Automatic regulation of actuators and control of remote outputs.

Product features

Width 138 mm
Height 40 mm
Depth 132 mm
Weight 0.6 kg

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