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Italgear, a leading precision gear manufacturing company, operates from its 5000 m² premises. Our industrial group covers the whole production cycle for making ground and deburred cylindrical gears, spiral and hypoid drive gears and pinions. We primarily produce ground Gleason bevel gears and differential gears and make mechanical transmissions and components from start to finish. We also offer design and co-engineering services.

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Cylindrical ground gears are cut by hobbing machines of the latest generation and finished by Reischauer and Gleason CNC grinding machines equipped with automatic loaders and special software that allow the correction of the twisting errors that may occur in helical gear and, with special ground cycles strategy minimizing noise of gears in operation. ITALGEAR can also make the finishing of the gears after carburizing heat treatment adopting the Skiving technology, which allows the precise finishing of gears through superfinishing of the teeth with a hard metal PVD coated hobs. The technology allows production of groundquality precise gears while reducing cutting time and costs effective at the same time. On request, ITALGEAR engineers can team up with the Customer R&D and suggest any appropriate measures to optimize the gear meshing in order to obtain low noise in operation.


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The machining cycle developed by ITALGEAR for cylindrical shaved gears allow compensating, through appropriate correction of each single machining steps, the unavoidable distortions introduced by the carburizing and hardening heat treatment and obtain finished gears of the highest quality. Latest generation gear hobbing machines, combined with modern CNC shaving machines, all equipped with loading systems, allow for consistent quality and repeatability of the production process, besides excellent cost effectiveness. Shaved gears thus can be used in numerous applications such as automotive, industrial engines, mechanical drives, automated machinery, marine gearboxes, gearboxes, etc.


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The common roots shared with the Poppi Forging Industries provide ITALGEAR a facilitated access to the forging facilities of the Group and particularly the ability to source electrical upsetted parts with dimensions that are predetermined by specific software’s that allow minimizing the stock material hence resulting into superior quality and price effectiveness of the finished product. Gears of shafts and axle shafts, after their heat treatment, can also be finished with the use of the Skiving technology that makes use of specific hard metal hobbing tools that are PVD coated. The Skiving technology allows production of gears that combine a high quality finishing with reduced machining time and costs.


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ITALGEAR has long promoted grounding as the most effective gear finishing for Gleason bevel helical gears and takes pride in using the latest gear grinding machine from Gleason and Klingelnberg Oerlikon. The Tooth Contact Anlalisys (TCA) to obtain the optimal motion graph curves of the bevel helical gear that will generate the lowest noise and the highest precision once in operation is developed by ITALGEAR engineers through the use of specific software like CAGE and Kimos. Quality controls are performed by software’s like GAGE and Komet throughout the entire process in order to replicate precisely the mathematical model of the tooth profile.


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