ITS 018 Partial extension drawer slide 150 kg

57,4 x 17 mm telescopic slide hot-dip galvanized steel length 300 - 1500 mm

5.00€ HT


Ball bearing slide Load capacity up to 150 kg per pair Slide length 300 – 1500 mm Travel up to 80% of slide length For more than 40 years, Schock has been developing and manufacturing telescopic ball bearing slides in the field of linear motion technology. In definition of the specific product requirements, we create individual solutions hand-in-hand with our customers for cost-effective serial production. The technical performance of Schock telescopic slides is based on the advantageous physical characteristics of the ball bearing slide: • Excellent running characteristics: Smooth and quiet movement, regardless of load size. • High functional reliability: Forces are elastically cushioned. • Long, maintenance-free service life: As the number of cycles increases, the ball track‘s self-cleaning function becomes even more effective.

Runners for drawers
  • heavy-duty guide
  • boot platform extension
  • seat kinematics

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Partial extension slide

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