IZOTEX MAXI 280 - Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane (under ceramic)



DESCRIPTION IZOTEX MAXI 250 is flexible ,waterproofing membrane made of PP/PE/PP layers USAGE AREA It is used for waterproofing and damp-proofing under ceramic tile ADVANTAGES - It is %100 waterproof , high water pressure resistant and damp proof - It is a flexible material that allows ease of application at hard workable corners , floor and wall joints , tight angles - It has strong mechanical bonding to the adhesive and surface. Heat or other toxic elements are not used for bonding - It is is a lightweighted APPLICATION: 1. The membrane is cut and prepared in a required size, according to the application area 2. C2 class tile adhesive mortar is applied to the surface with notched trowel 3. It is placed on the surface and air bubbles is removed with a flat side of the trowel 4. Joints should be bonded considering the direction of water flow and there should be 5 cm overlaps at joints 5. The surface is covered with coating materials