The ice thickness controller - EDR2 allows ice to grow in a controlled way and improves the automatic production of ice. For ice production, a cooling plate equipped with four sensors is dipped into a suitably filled tank. A layer of ice slowly grows on this cooling plate, the thickness of which is measured by four sensors. The sensor unit of the cooling plate is manufactured individually according to the customer's requirements. The EDR2 controller module controls the connected chiller via a four-stage switch. When a desired ice thickness is reached, the chiller switches off and an LED signal lights up. If the ice layer defrosts again, the cooling process is automatically restarted. The EDR2 can be used, for example, to produce ice for cooling purposes or to control brine-water heat pumps with ice storage.

Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial
  • ice production
  • cooling technology
  • refrigeration

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Type for cooling systems,for heat exchangers,for ice production,wall-mount

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