Identification & Inking Unit for semi-finished lenses (type MITSF) The new concept of MITSF machine is designed to identify and print progressive and multifocalsemi-finished lenses. The PPOS system, integrated in the unit, detects the μ-engravings or the upper segment line and identifies the semi-finished by reading the identification code (check of product code, Addition, base, eye, logo at the edge or under the μ-engravings) by Optical Character Recognition. The inspected lenses are then inked by a robot, permitting a large flexibility in image choice (10 plates – 20 images). The data of this machine can be transmitted to the automatic packaging unit, eliminating any product mispack. Lens identification Fully automatic High capacity High inking accuracy Alignment check of the printed image* Overall control of the printed image Production data for reports (Access or SQL)* Statistics of rejected lenses* User friendly interface: interactive dialog and diagnosis multilingual menus

Product features

Diameter 65-85 mm
Concave radius 80 mm to infinity (flat lenses)
Convex radius far view 60 to 300 mm
Overall thickness 7 to 25 mm
Max. overall height 25 mm
Add power 0.75D to 3.75D
Positioning of the inking image in accordance to the micro-engravings Concentricity : 0.5 mm Parallelism : 1.5 mm
Concentricity 0.5 mm
Parallelism 1.5 mm
Centering diameter +/- 0.5 mm
Stamping accuracy on polarized lenses +/- 2°
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