Identification & Inking Unit for SF lenses

Semi-finished Inking


Identification & Inking Unit for semi-finished lenses (type MITSF) The new concept of MITSF machine is designed to identify and print progressive and multifocalsemi-finished lenses. The PPOS system, integrated in the unit, detects the μ-engravings or the upper segment line and identifies the semi-finished by reading the identification code (check of product code, Addition, base, eye, logo at the edge or under the μ-engravings) by Optical Character Recognition. The inspected lenses are then inked by a robot, permitting a large flexibility in image choice (10 plates – 20 images). The data of this machine can be transmitted to the automatic packaging unit, eliminating any product mispack.

Medical and surgical optics - instruments
  • Lens
  • Identification
  • Semi-Finished

Product features

Diameter 65-85 mm
Concave radius 80 mm to infinity (flat lenses)
Convex radius far view 60 to 300 mm
Overall thickness 7 to 25 mm
Max. overall height 25 mm
Add power 0.75D to 3.75D
Positioning of the inking image in accordance to the micro-engravings Concentricity : 0.5 mm Parallelism : 1.5 mm
Concentricity 0.5 mm
Parallelism 1.5 mm
Centering diameter +/- 0.5 mm
Stamping accuracy on polarized lenses +/- 2°
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