Illumination Test Chamber

Material Testing in different lighting conditions


Temperature from -25°C up to +70°C Humidity Light ON = from 10% up to 80% Light OFF = 10% to 98% Illumination Dimmable illumination with optional lamps Configuration Volumes from 25 liters up to 2300 liters Vertical Lighting Fluorescent or led lamps installed on internal shelves Side Lighting Fluorescent or led lamps installed on side walls? stillFACE Stability test performing controller revoFACE Dynamic performing programmer Ventilation Forced ventilation fan Daylamp Sunlight Simulation Fluolamp Accelerated Plant Growing Biolamp Insect and Bacteria Incubation Arablamp Arabidopsis Accelerated Growing ICHlamp Photostability Test Alarms High/Low temperature and humidity Electric Power 220-240V ~ /50 Hz different power available 100% customizable solution

Testing equipment
  • Climatic test chambers
  • LED lights
  • growth chamber
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