Immune booster gummies

Anklam Extrakt®


This special mix of plant-based powders combines the benefits of all four ingredients to support the immune system. The blend consists of 37.5% Elderberry powder, 25% Echinacea dried pressed juice, 25% Sea Buckthorn powder and 12.5% Lemon balm extract and is suitable for liquid formulations as well as for capsules or for direct consumption in a stick pack. The blend has a pleasantly fruity taste. Whereas it is well known, that Echinacea and Elderberry products have a positive influence on common colds, Sea Buckthorn preparations are consumed because of their high Vitamin C content and therefore contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Finally, the combination also includes Lemon balm, for which research reported an antiviral effect. Together with the company Amapharm the combination was used to develop Immune Booster Gummies, which contain a daily dosage of 600 mg of the blend (in 4 gummies).

Extracts, food
  • immune system booster
  • GMP and HACCP quality standards

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