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imo-space is Imoberdorf's biggest rotary transfer system in terms of productivity and functional possibilities. Designed on 6 to 20 machining stations with up to 45 or more spindles, the imo-space has enormous production potential. The imo-space provides you with a ready-to-use machining solution, tailored to your specific requirements and with an enormous range of applications. The parts feed is carried out from bar stock, by means of load handling, robot or using Pick & Place. At the same time, the reproducibility of ± 0.003 millimetres makes the imo-space one of the most precise rotary transfer machines in the world. The imo-space meets the highest demands for functionality and productivity. With this large platform, the possible applications are pushed to the extreme. The 3-axis E-88-CNC unit meets the most common needs: drilling, milling, reaming and tapping. It can be equipped with two spindles and installed horizontally or vertically

Product information

Number of stations
up to 30 stations
Indexing accuracy with Hirth coupling
±2“ (±3 µm with Ø of 800 mm)
Indexing accuracy table with drive
±1 µm
Platform dimensions
Ø 4’400 mm
Number of spindles
up to 58 spindles
Indexing time with Hirth coupling
2,0 s
Indexing time table with drive
3,5 s
Installation dimensions
6’400 mm x 9’300 mm, height 3’360 mm
Required floor loading
min. 1’500 kg/m²