The Impact Hammer Mill, series PHPH ''Grizzly®'' was developed for the economical size reduction of residual- and waste wood of any kind. Not only pre-broken waste wood but also non precut, long recycling wood can be introduced into the mill. The machine distinguishes itself by high throughput rates at low specific energy consumption, low operating costs as well as robust and durable design. Any wood prepared with the „Grizzly®“ is used as a high quality and uniform raw material for material and thermal recovery. Characteristics, Function Material is fed horizontally from the front Size reduction is performed by impact and breaking combs and breaking ledges arranged behind the rotor Collection device for larger foreign objects which can be hydraulically opened for emptying Robust, wear-resistant and multi-split housing which can be easily opened via a hydraulic system Machine parts in the size reduction area made from wear-resistant and durable materials Oscillating hammers...

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