The TrueData-EIS impedance analyzer is a high-capacity, noninvasive diagnostic tool designed by FuelCon for measuring the electrochemical impedance spectrum of components during operation under different load conditions. It bases on the single-sine-method and explores impedance spectrums in a frequency and power range, which is especially interesting for the fuel cell and battery development: from 200 μHz up to 100 kHz with a maximum DC current of 1,000 A. Typically, the EIS is applied together with electronic load modules of TrueData-LOAD. In addition, the TrueData-EIS is compatible with a various number of external loads, potentiostats and galvanostats.

Energy sources, alternative - equipment and systems
  • Test Equipment
  • Impedance
  • Spectroscopy

Product features

Impedance range 5 μΩ to 15 Ω
Impedance accuracy Up to 0.1 mΩ
Frequency range 200 μHz up to 100 kHz
Power supply 100 to 230 V
Housing 19’’ housing
CN-Measuring TrueData-EIS CN
Execution Integrated or stand-alone

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