Impulse Bag Sealer w/ 281mm Jaw width. Including Transformer - Audion Super Poly Sealer 281mm



This Impulse bag sealer is ideal for mid to high volume sealing. Suitable for PE This portable impulse bag sealer is particularly suitable for sealing all kinds of strange and awkwardly sized objects. Both the seal bars are bi-active. This means each bar contains a resistance wire which allows operators to seal thick polyethylene film up to 2 x 0.3mm. However it is suitable for sealing most laminate films. A simple sealing test can decide this so feel free to send in your sample. In addition this impulse bag sealer should be used in accordance with the transformer unit. This allows you to adjust the seal time in accordance with the film that you are sealing. Once the jaws are compressed, a button is pressed and the sealing starts. Signaled by a control light. After the seal time has passed the unit stops sealing automatically. Then you can open the jaws. Most films and laminates will require a sealing time of 1 – 3 seconds for optimal seals.