Incremental magnetic measuring heads offer maximum precision over the full range of measurements. As a result of the magnetic operating principle and the robust mechanical construction, they are insensitive to soiling and are therefore ideally suited to use in production facilities. Thanks to the high quality of their measurements, their high protection and long service life, these sensors are used in many technologies (industry, research, development etc.). Typical applications include: Monitoring both slow and fast movements between machine parts Measurements of position and positional changes in components and structural foundations, of servo regulators, valve and robot controllers Measurement of growth, and so on The incremental displacement sensors are based on a magnetic principle: consisting of a magnetic scale and a multi-slot reading head that responds to changes in magnetic flux, they detect linear movements with high precision and resolution.

  • displacement transducer
  • transducer
  • incremental displacement transducer

Product features

Model 8738-DK830
Principle Inremental
Measuring range 0 ... 30 mm
Resolution 0,1 µm
Signal output TTL
Protection class IP53
Range of operating temperature 0 ... +50 °C
Excitation voltage 5 V ± 5 %
Electrical connection Shielded cable
Return spring Yes
Specific characteristics Diameter 12 mm
Specific characteristics Vibration resistant and dust proof

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