With our 5-point calibration, the Incubator IR CO2 sensor has significantly improved linearity compared to conventional 3-point calibrated sensors. This results in more precise CO2 measurements not only in the usual 5 vol.%, But in the entire measuring range. The internal humidity calculation, which corrects the CO2 value even with high humidity in the incubator, prevents erroneous displays of the CO2 concentration. Selectable setting options are steam pressure calculation or the entry of relative humidity and temperature. The sensor is heat-resistant up to 190 ° C, designed for up to 300 sterilization cycles and thus offers the DIN EN ISO 20857: 2013 standard. The temperature-resistant components used enormously reduce the negative influence of high temperatures on the service life. Temperature compensation of the sensor allows the operation of the sensor even at temperatures that deviate from the usual 37 ° C.

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