A chuck with jaws that open and close independently. Independent chucks can be adjusted to accommodate irregularly shaped workpieces. They are used to clamp ODD items Square in Shape, Dog Chucks normally have 4 Screws Operated Independently. This Chuck are Manual Hand Opearated Chucks. They have very strong Grip to hold heavy components too. • Independent 4 Jaws Lathe Chuck Have Each Jaw Mounted On A Thread Spindle Allowing Independent Adjustment. • Hardened Solid Jaws. • Sizes Up to 96”. Bigger sizes also available. • Flat Back. Item Code No.Chuck Size InchChuck Size mm ABM-IMT-45304100 ABM-IMT-45316150 ABM-IMT-45328200 ABM-IMT-453310250 ABM-IMT-453412300 ABM-IMT-453514350 ABM-IMT-453616400 ABM-IMT-453718450 ABM-IMT-453820500 ABM-IMT-453924600 ABM-IMT-454030750 ABM-IMT-454136900 ABM-IMT-4542421050 ABM-IMT-4543481200 ABM-IMT-4544601500 ABM-IMT-4545721800 ABM-IMT-4546802000 ABM-IMT-4547842100 ABM-IMT-4548962400

Machine tools - metal machining
  • Lathe tools
  • dogs for lathes
  • Independent 4 Jaw Lathe Chuck - Dog Chuck Manufacturer and exporter India

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